Monday, 25 August 2014

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

That girl

Today I saw a photo of a girl. She was smiling in that, happy about something. I cannot stress the word "happy" enough, I mean, she looked really really happy! She looked strangely familiar, like I know her from somewhere. Know her really well, in fact. But the next moment, she seemed completely alien. I keep thinking about what might have given her so much joy. Who’s that girl? So pretty, so happy. What was she so happy about? Why was she smiling so much? Grinning, really. What was on her mind? What made her face glow that way? Who’s that girl?


Monday, 15 July 2013


It's time to bid adieu
But let us do it with a smile
For we shall meet again
Pain is only for a while



But now you're gone,
Our love is dead;
And all I have
Are the words you said.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

He said, she said

His voice sounded a little different from what she had heard over the phone and he was taller than she had thought. He did have that receding hairline he so often joked about and big, soft palms. Big, soft palms she was longing to hold. But the dimple was still elusive; he hadn't smiled yet. This was the first time she was seeing him. "First time we meet, you sit on my lap, ok?" 

He was done talking and it seemed as though he was expecting her to say something. He waited patiently as she wrestled with her muddled thoughts. But then, there was nothing she could possibly say to make this better, or even bearable. "...I decided that I want the first proper gift that I give you to be in person.". She finally stood up and asked hesitantly "Can I hug you once?". He smiled a little...she couldn't tell if it was sad. "Of course you can." he said in his inimitable style and got up. She moved in close and wrapped her arms around him. It felt the way she had always imagined it would - warm, snug and she was home. He held her in a loose embrace though, his arms feeling a little awkward. "Just're mine.". Tears welled up in her eyes and she could feel a lump forming in her throat. Step back. Let go.

They walked out of the coffee shop where they had been sitting for over an hour. It had just stopped raining and a pleasant breeze greeted them. She reached out her hand and regretted it almost immediately. A look of pain crossed his face, but he shook it nevertheless. Big, soft palms she was longing to hold...big, soft palms she would never hold. He glanced at her and murmured "You'll be alright...", more to himself than to her. Great, he must have noticed the tears, she thought. She bent her head and shifted her feet uneasily. He peered closely at her face now and added softly "...right?". "Bye, love.". She looked up and forced a smile. "Of course.". 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bill, please.

"And you, madam? What will you have?" he asked me.

Anger. Chaos. Love. Tears. Peace. Nothingness. Euphoria. Boredom. Laughter. Pain. 
The zenith and the nadir. And everything in between. That's what I'll have.

I smiled. "A cup of coffee, please. With two sugar cubes."


Saturday, 30 March 2013


Remember those days?
Days of sparkling sunshine and unbridled joy? 
Days of beautiful nothingness and carefree butterflies? 
Days of fallen leaves and amusing stories? 
Days of silly laughter and endless banter? 
Days full of me and you? 
I hope you do.